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Professional kitchens have long embraced butcher-block counters. In homes they offer warmth unlike other surface options. Butcher-block is easy on knives, takes on a certain personality once nicked and scratched, makes great baking center inserts and can easily be refreshed with sanding and a little oil. Because butcher-block can be prone to staining, damage by standing water or scorching by hot pans, it may not be practical as a surface for the entire kitchen. Many homeowners are using butcher-block as a countertop inset or as an island surface. Exotic woods such as teak or mahogany are being used in some higher-end kitchens, but homeowners should know that these woods don’t provide any extra resistance to cuts, scratches, stains or scorching. Costs will vary depending on the thickness & type of wood you choose. Exotic woods can be quite expensive.

CraftArt Wood Countertop Surfaces

Craft Art Wood Countertop Surfaces

Craft Art is the largest producer of custom-built wood islands, butcher blocks and countertops in North America. Craft-Art wood surfaces are beautiful, durable, easy-to-maintain and bring warmth to any room. Integrating fine woods in kitchen countertop designs has been steadily growing for years. In addition to having waterproof properties as a kitchen countertop, wood provides unique design alternatives that almost no other hard surface can match. Wood countertops are long-lasting and easily refurbished. Let Craft Art bring your design dreams to life.

John Boos Wood Countertop Surfaces

John Boos Wood Countertop Surfaces

John Boos & Co. celebrates over 125 years of continuous business. Our John Boos products are built with great quality and fine craftsmanship. Fill your kitchen with timeless tradition in countertop appearance while maintaining a natural food safe element for food preparation. Care and maintenance: soap and water clean-up.

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