Our Recycled Paper Suppliers

Enhance your home with Green Materials for a Sustainable Environmentally Friendly Alternative with our Recycled Paper Countertops. The use of recycled paper keeps waste out of the waste disposal system and out of landfills. This has many benefits and can help to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced.

This type of countertop is a solid top meaning that if the top gets scratched it can be sanded to disguise the scratch. This surface can be more hard wearing than laminated surfaces.

PaperStone Recycled Paper Surfaces

PaperStone® Recycled Paper Surfaces

PaperStone® is a sustainable composite material made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, their own PetroFree™ phenolic resins and natural pigments. As PaperStone® ages it will assume a pleasing, lustrous, seasoned appearance that is an inherent characteristic of the material. This is a natural progression of a natural product, resulting in a beautifully soft, rich patina. The aging process takes time and, much like fine hardwood, a deep luster will develop in areas of heavier use.

Richlite Recycled Paper Surfaces

Richlite Recycled Paper Surfaces

Richlite specializes in the manufacture of natural fiber composites offering products that contain recycled content. Richlite is primarily paper treated with phenolic resin and baked to create a solid sheet. Richlite can be milled easily, like wood, but is much more dense, durable and long lasting. It has an inherently natural feel with a mottled pattern. The finish out of the mill is similar to leather but when sanded it can be incredibly smooth and silky. Richlite is Stain, water, scratch and heat resistant, and patinas over time, growing warmer and deeper in color as a result of sunlight and oxygen.

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