Solid Surface Care Tips

Solid Surfaces Care GuidelinesCleaning

Your countertop is nonporous and can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild detergents or general cleaner purpose cleaner such as Mr. Clean or Lestoil. If you have a matte finish, abrasive cleaners like Ajax or Comet may also be used. Avoid using cleaners that contain strong acids. Periodically, it may also be helpful to go over the entire surface with an abrasive cleanser or a wet 7447 Scotch-Brite pad (for a matte finish) to maintain a uniform appearance. Rinse with water and towel dry.

For troublesome spills and stains such as food dye, tea, and fruit drinks, you may use full-strength bleach for 2-5 minutes, followed by a general cleaner and flushing with water. On a matte finish, if you prefer you can scrub with an abrasive cleanser.  Even nail polish can be removed with nail polish remover or an abrasive cleanser.

If strong acid cleaners are accidentally spilled on your counter, wipe them up at once and rinse with water. They may cause whitening if left on the surface.

Countertop Care

Remember to keep hot pans directly from the burner away from your countertop-use a hot pad or trivet. Always use a trivet under crock pots, electric fry pans, coffee pots, etc.

Do not allow water to remain standing under objects sitting on the counter. This can lead to discoloration. 

Turn the cold water on at your sink when you're draining boiling water into your sink.

Always use a cutting board rather than cutting directly on your solid surface countertop.

Avoid standing or sitting on your countertop.

Cigarette burns can be removed with an abrasive cleanser or buffing with a Scotch-Brite pad.

Removing scratches

Please remember your solid surface countertops are scratch resistant, but not scratch proof. Certain times of the day, sunlight will make the scratches more visible. The best part is all imperfections are fixable.

Sand with 220-grit sandpaper on a sanding block. Use small circular motions until the scratch is gone. Blend the finish with an abrasive cleanser and a maroon 7447 Scotch-Brite Pad.  If you prefer professional help on removing any scratches or stains it's only a service call away. Scratches incurred during normal everyday use are not covered under your countertop's warranty.

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