Granite Countertop Care Tips

Granite Countertop Care Guidelines

Use cutting boards and trivets

Granite countertops are not indestructible. The stone may have fissures and natural cracks and minimal chipping along the bottom of the finished edge. These may chip with impact so it is important to treat your countertops with care. Avoid cutting directly on your countertop and use a hot pad to prevent rapid heating and cooling which can lead to cracks in the stone.

Clean with care

Granite can be cleaned simply with soap and water, but be aware that soap can leave a residue can lead to problems in the long run. We recommend the MB Stone Care products for cleaning and sealing granite. We use MB Stone Care sealers to seal your stone before it even enters your home and their cleaning products are designed to perfectly complement the sealers. The products are made in the United States and can be purchased from our showroom or from the MB Stone Care website

Avoid using acidic cleaning products on the stone such as bleach, vinegar, lemon juice or tile cleaners as these can eat through the sealer.

Do not clean your granite with Scotch-Brite pads. The silicon carbide grits in the sponges can scratch the stone. Stubborn stains can be removed by allowing MB cleaner to sit on the stain to soften it.

Seal regularly

The sealer on your countertop is a buffer between spills and the stone so it is important to keep up to date on sealer. Your stone will be sealed before installation but will need to be resealed periodically. We can assist with that or MB stone sealer can be purchased from our showroom. Check to make sure the seal is holding at least once a year by sprinkling water on the granite. If the water soaks in to the stone rather than beading up, it is time to reseal.

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