Granite Countertop Care Tips

Granite Countertop Care Guidelines

Granite is the countertop of choice if there are no other mundane concerns, like a budget. It is true that granite continues to define elegance & prestige in a kitchen. Its beauty elevates even the most modest kitchen.

Advocates of granite will tell you that there's no replacement for the ethereal, 3D appearance of natural stone.

Because it's harder than steel, knives are no threat. Go ahead and cut right on it. Granite will not scratch and is stain resistant. It also will not burn, blister or scar from hot pans so you can work right on the surface without any worries.

Like marble, it offers a cool polished surface that's great for rolling out pastry dough. While granite may need to be sealed on a yearly basis, there's minimal maintenance after that.

Be aware that because granite is 100% natural stone, there will be color variations as well as tiny pits and fissures in it. Also, granite will have visible seams. If a seamless & consistent surface appearance is important to you, granite may not be your best choice.

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